Look How Loving and How Patience the Family is Taking Care of Adam.

This is Adam. He has ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and non verbal

This is Adam. He has ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and non verbal. Adam had his meltdown and his father had to restrain him by pinning him down to the floor. He can’t control his action and the reason for this particular meltdown was because he was hungry as they were on their way to eat his favourite spaghetti.

If people around didn’t know what was going on it may look like his father is treating him badly. He might hurt himself and others if he is not treated that way. He is a sweet boy and i am big fan of Adam and his family.

That’s why people need to see the whole situation. Look how loving and how patience the family is taking care of Adam. So please give all the family that has to go through this situation daily by giving them support by at least not giving them “THAT LOOK” and if possible approach nicely to the family if they needed any help or if it looks like they running out of hands (case by case). If you happen to meet them don’t forget to say hi.

video from ig @adamsfamilyautism

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