Autistic Chicago Teen Beaten, Criminal Only Gets Probation!


At the beginning of the year, a disabled white kid went missing but soon was found tied up after he was attacked by four black Chicago youth. One of those teens was a girl named Brittany Covington, and the beating was believed to be racially motivated.

Covington pleaded guilty to all charges, but instead of jail time, she’s getting probation. Now you know why Chicago has one of the highest homicide rates in the country and is so corrupt. They give criminals a slap on the wrist and give them the green light to commit more crimes.

This girl got off far too easy given the crimes they admitted to committing. She deserves jail time, not probation!

From Fox News:

The video captured the four suspects taunting him and cutting his clothes after a “play fight” in Covington’s sisters’ apartment. The video showed a wound on top of the victim’s head and him being pushed by one of the attackers. A neighbor threatened to call the police, which resulted in the four suspects raiding her apartment and stealing her property, police said. The victim was able to escape during that time. Officers found the victim in torn clothing a block away from the apartment.

A graphic video of the vicious attack is below:

The video sparked national outrage including condemnation from then-President Barack Obama, who called the acts “despicable.” Covington has been behind bars since January when the video, which she narrated, first surfaced. Her three co-defendants remain in custody as they await trial.

This lack of punishment is despicable. Covington kidnapped and tortured a disabled person, simply for being white, and she only gets probation? This girl deserved at least five years behind bars, at a minimum. I think deals like this just perpetuate the violence that is in some people.

Because this girl was a juvenile when she committed this crime, the courts are limited in terms of what punishment they can give someone, but this was ridiculous!

The only silver lining is that Covington is now a convicted felon, which means this crime will remain with her for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, Chicago has failed to deliver justice to this autistic boy and this decision will be yet another stain on this city for years to come!

Hopefully, Covington’s accomplices will get harsher sentences but since this is Chicago, I won’t be holding my breath!

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