An Overview On The Possible Causes Of Autism

The fact is that no one knows for sure what causes autism, but many professionals would most likely agree that autism is likely caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. For many parents, this uncertainty in the possible causes of autism can be very frustrating.

Environmental pollution affects the unborn babies when their mothers are still pregnant, especially now that the lead content in the air continuously increased, automobile exhaust, home decoration and so on may be sources of pollution too. Besides, young parents are usually facing lots of pressure from work, emotional instability and tensity may affect the growth of the baby’s nervous system that is why the rate of autistic children from high-income families is higher than normal families.

It is accepted that abnormalities trigger autism in brain organization or function. Researchers are investigating some theories, including a possible linkage between genetics, heredity and medical problems. Although there happens to be an array of autism or related disabilities in many families, researchers are yet to identify what triggers the causes of autism to develop.

Autism is an awfully overwhelming condition, showing itself up in different ways in different cases, sometimes getting difficult or even impossible to treat, frustrating the doctors, patients and his family alike. The whole problem with this medical condition is that it does not stem out of any one definite, identifiable cause.

The disorder could be arising from abnormalities or deformities in several areas of the human brain. Some scientists and researchers are also of the opinion that autism could sometimes be resulted by a gene mutation.

It is very difficult to comprehend that your child could have autism; this is when parents are in a state of shock, guilt, denial, desperation, blame and even depression. Autism is a word that families do not want to hear.

Autism is a term that refers to a variety of neurological developmental issues, and that affects certain areas of the brain, the ones that are responsible for the language skills, the interaction with others, and many more, depending on each. People who suffer from autism are acting comparatively different from each other, and because we know so little about the brain and the way it works it’s hard to understand what causes this affection or what is the best method of treating it.

The reactions, symptoms and patterns associated with autism begin taking shape inside the womb. There are many symptoms associated with the autistic spectrum. One major and important symptom is “withdrawal.” Withdrawal produces other autistic symptoms such as not speaking, not making eye contact, and choices to live in their private world.

Otherwise, lacking of outdoor exercises could be another cause of autism. No matter what, it’s good for kids to have at least 2 hours’ outdoor exercises every day.

There are studies that find a connection between the rubella illness in the first trimester of pregnancy and autism. These include studies on the effects of being vaccinated during the first trimester of pregnancy. Concerns are for the MMR shot, especially the measles portion as well as the pertussis aspect of the DPT vaccine. Although not yet conclusive, researchers are informing women not to be vaccinated while pregnant. As you can see, there are not yet conclusive answers to the causes of autism. However, targeted research into the many possible causes of autism is ongoing, and there is hope for a breakthrough in the future.

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